Troy School District

Elementary School Teacher

• Before beginning, please choose a quiet location where you will not be interrupted.
• Disable all pop-up blockers and toolbars within your browser.
• It is recommended that you have scratch paper and a pen/pencil.
• It is also recommended that you have your resume available to upload.
• Continue through the assessment process until you receive notice that "All necessary assessments have been 
• Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete this process. If you need to stop during the process it is 
   recommended that you do so upon receipt of an "Intermission" page. At that point, you will need to 
   reenter by clicking on the "Apply" link below and using the password you will create.

System Requirements:
To take the assessment you need to use one of the following browsers:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (for PC users)
• Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher (Mac or PC users) Please Note: Smart phone and/or hand-held device browsers
   are not compatible with Wonderlic assessments.
When you are ready, click "Apply"

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